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Refrigerator Repair Oklahoma City

Your Oklahoma City Refrigerator Repair Service

Our Oklahoma City refrigerator repair team of professionals are skilled and capable of helping you take care of any repair situation. Is your refrigerator making a funny sound? We can definiltey fix that. Is the freezer not freezing? Not a problem. Refrigerator not cooling? We can get you back to normal fast. No matter the problem when it comes to refrigerator repair our professionals are the best!

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Affordable Refrigerator Repairs

We are the leading refrigerator repair company in the greater Oklahoma City area. Each day we make a commitment to providing the same kind of reliable and quality service we would want to receive ourselves. When it comes to fridge repair we set that standard that other businesses try to follow. We also repair all types of commercial refrigerators and freezers.



How much will your refrigerator repair cost?

Of course it all depends on what's wrong with it, but here's what you can count on. We operate like most appliance repair companies in Oklahoma City and charge a service fee to show up and evaluate the problem. This fee varies during the course of the year and ranges from $35 to $50. If you decide to allow us to make your repair then that fee simply becomes a part of your appliance service repair.

What we feel is important is that you get access to the solutions that will cost you the least amout of money and time. Sometimes all a refrigerator needs is a simple part replacement, and we carry the most common replacement parts with us on our service truck. Of course there will be times when a new electronic component needs to be installed in which case the repair may be more costly. That's why we try to answer any questions you have during our initial service assessment, so you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with your repair. Call us today to get an affordable refrigerator repair quote today (405) 534-4230.

Here are some of the most common problems with refrigerators that need repair


We see a lot of refrigerator repair issues, but some of the most frequent include:

Of course there are plenty of other problems that can cause a refrigerator to stop working, but these are the ones we see most often. If you are having a problem with your appliance you can always give us a call to ask any questions or make an appointment with one of our professional technicians. We always work around your schedule and can get your refrigerator back to normal fast.

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